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Vinyl Printing Basics

Sure, here's a bullet point list of when to use heat transfer vinyl versus adhesive vinyl:

Use Heat Transfer Vinyl when:

  • Printing on fabrics, such as t-shirts, hats, and bags
  • Creating custom designs or logos that require a high degree of customization
  • You need the design to stretch or bend with the fabric
  • The design requires a high level of detail, such as intricate patterns or small text
  • You need a durable, long-lasting design that can withstand repeated washings and wear

Use Adhesive Vinyl when:

  • Decorating hard surfaces, such as walls, windows, and cars
  • Creating decals, stickers, or labels
  • You need the design to be removable or repositionable
  • You want a wide range of color options, including metallic or glitter finishes
  • You want to create large designs that are not practical for heat transfer vinyl

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